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Put a Dodge Ram Hemi pickup truck to shame


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So I'm out with a friend heading home. Was about 30 miles from home and I'm driving through a town and all the traffic lights. Had to stop at a few from those damn red lights. Anyway I noticed a Dodge Ram Hemi pickup truck behind me while driving through town. Guy accelerates fast and gets right up on my ass. Then as we approached the last traffic light which was red by the way, guy cuts over into the left lane, gets right up along side me and revs his engine a little. I just looked over at my friend and laughed. Then told him to tighten up his seat belt. This guy had no passengers with him and I had one passenger with me. Anyway as soon as the light turned green, guy in the Dodge Ram Hemi steps on it and gets a little jump out on me and I just eased into mine until about half throttle and then pushed it to the floor. He was about half a car length in ahead of me until I got on the throttle, then I just walked away from him really quick and saw his headlights get smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror. Funny thing was as I passed the guy, I looked over at him and his jaw dropped. Put his Dodge Ram Hemi to shame. Felt good too

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