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Since it seems like 90% of the posts lately are about people wanting to buy used brake ducts or cladding maybe we should create a new section for them? I'm kidding but geez... I'm starting to loose interest in the board if that's all that posted here.... (ok end rant)

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well sorry to burst your bubble but, This is a community website... And it is directly written for the silverado ss, sadly some of us come here for help to find parts for our ss seems like a pretty resonable idea considering i have purchased and sold items here for three years. It seems this place has become a ghost town and nobody wants to help anybody else around here. It is sad but i guess that is where it has been taken. In short I apoligize some come here to find things that are hard to find outside of the ss community. But I do appreciate who is left in the community helping others as best as possible. This place is not what it used to be. What would you rather see anyways? I mean it is not like we are looking for mustang parts...

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