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Building my first motor!


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Hello to all viewers! I'm 19 and planning to build my first motor in my 2006 sierra denali I bought 6 or 7 months ago. I'm looking to get any or all help, and anything will be greatly appreciated!


It has the lq9 6.0 vortec max.

As far as mods I've installed right now I have

-airaid CAI with the oversized intake tube (since I have e fans)

-dynatech ss long tubes

-no cats, true dualed with MagnaFlows

-custom tune


My goal I am aiming for is 400 or more all wheel hp


So far I'm looking at putting in the


-FAST LSXRT 102mm intake with the 102mm throttle body and their billets fuel rail system


-I'd like to do a pretty sporty cam, however this is a daily driver and don't wanna have something that's to aggressive for what I really need it for. But if at all possible have some what of a decent lope. Any info as far a specs and brand would be awesome as I have no idea what I'm even looking at as far as specs and such.


- 42# injectors (tell me if it's to much or not enough)


- and I'd need to know what would be best for all my push rods, valve springs, rockers; all the small things that gotta be tougher to handle the power


-a procharger is also something I may add later down the road as well.


Any more info any one else has. I'm sure their is forums posted previously but I just can't find what I'm after. Even if anyone would be generous enough to post links to other threads I'd be glad to start there.


Thanks for reading!

~ Matt

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I don't think you'd be anywhere near being able to use it to the Fast manifold to its full potential with the mods you have planned. It does look nice though.

I'd recommend looking into a set of LS3/L92 heads/manifold instead for about the same price, but more power.

Push rods, valve springs, and rockers will depend on the cam. Stock rockers are fine, just do the trunion upgrade. I've heard good things about the BTR set - http://www.briantooleyracing.com/btr-ls-rocker-arm-trunion-kit.html

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