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SSmoothSilSS RCSB Clone


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Well I thought I would get started in here with my SS clone, I bought this mostly done but with alot of issues. I anal so everything that is not right is an issue.


So right off the bat, long story short, the shipping company busted the drivers duct and scraped the front bumper when trying load it, I submitted a claim and it is going through right now and hopefully get a check for 7-800 for that.


Some of the the issues, no rear shock extenders, rear bumper not level, interior pieces cracked or scuffed up, carpet not clean, headliner not complete because power sunroof was just installed, front lower to low for the roads in my area, front tires size to small 225/30/22, found broken wires in the engine area after the 6.0 swap, passenger door water leak, hood latch cable broken, antenna broken.


So this week I started tearing it down, replace hood latch cable and replace antenna (pia). And added the rear shock extenders.




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Truck looks great. BTW I bought a brand new oem carpet for my clone build. Think I spent like $140 shipped....sold the stock one on CL for 80 to a dude with vinyl floor.

I was looking at them but wasn't sure of the quality, I want a dark charcoal, did you get the factory cut pile or plush cut pile, with the backing?

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Thats an expensive headliner. On mine the past owner tried installing the one of the SSS he bought all the clone parts from and with the sunroof in it didn't work out. So I'm either buying a stock one or I just might as well have upholstery shop do one up for me.


So to night I dug into replacing the front springs a shocks, I have the wheel liner out to change spark plugs and found a broken exhaust bolt, got all the bolts out and will try to extract it tomorrow, and I talked myself that since I there i might as well to the ball joints. I have rack and pinion and it has a leak so here we go spending more money.

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Damn, sounds like you got your hands full. It'll be worth it said and done and at least you don't have to track down any cladding! That's the tough part lol. I bet you can get a headliner from a part out truck for cheap. You could cut it up to fit the sunroof and wrap it all in suede. Wouldn't be too bad since you won't have a lot of area considering the sunroof.

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I still have some parts from my black truck and a few random leftovers from my trans swap if you end up needing anything else. What are you motor/trans plans on it, just leaving the swap as is once you get the little stuff fixed up?

Not sure on what I'm going to do with the motor yet, I will probably spend the winter getting the small stuff done and see what I want to spend.

sucks to hear about the little imperfections, but im sure itll be worth it in the end.

Beautiful truck btw, im a fan.

Thanks man, at least I'll everything is done right when I get done, it just sucks not having a lift in my garage.

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