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Got my truck Stolen in Toronto, ON


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Hey All,


Just wanted to let you all know that my truck was stolen over weekend in Mississauga, Ontario by the airport in Toronto.. I'm pretty bummed out.. We we're at a hockey tournament with my oldest son.. It was parked outside the hotel across the street front facing the hotel lobby.. We went out for lunch the next day and my truck was gone.. Poof vanishes.. anyways.. time to look for a replacement truck.. If you know of any nice trucks out there for sale please let me know... Much appreciated.. I had my truck for 11 years and love it.. Later all.





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Wow Jason that's tough news Brother. I would hate to lose mine after just 6 years. After 11 it must feel like losing a family member.


I am a long way from Canada and have never even been there to visit, but I just kind of figured that it would be a little safer up there as far as theft goes.


Any hope of getting your truck back? Either way; Best luck finding a replacement.

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That is such a shame. I am sorry for your loss. Probably for some one looking to make a RCSB clone.


Will you be looking specifically for red again? Are you willing to travel to the states for the right deal?


I often look at cargurus.com, carclassifiedsbystate.com, truecar.com, carsforsale.com, And what ever else pops up in Google search.


I use Silverado SS for sale in the google search engine and these sites often show whats out there on the market.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.. It definitely is a sick feeling when it happens to you.. It does feel like i lost a family member, no doubt there.. I am on the hunt to find any decent SS again in any color really.. I am debating on looking in the US market the crappy part is the Canadian dollar is not very good right now..

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