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Out with the old.....


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In with the NEW (cool) rotors... I upgraded to Baer Decela Sport Rotors this weekend. They are stock size 13 inch for my '06. I thought about getting the 14inch upgrade but couldn't justify almost double the cost. I figured I will get 80-90% of the benefit of the larger rotors. That and my truck is stock and its not like I autocross the thing.... on my morning commute I enjoyed nice smooth braking. The old rotors were a little warped, the truck still had the original pads with about 50% of the pad left but I replaced them with new factory pads. I did notice some weird cracking on the old pads so I felt better about replacing them... they were almost 10 years old after all. I shopped around and found for a touch over $300 with free shipping!



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Good call, What pads did you end up using?


Where did you find the best deal?



Pads I went with the GM OEM. Used AC Delco# 171-0974 GM# 25910431. Got them from Rock Auto for around $89.00, GM dealer cost is $85 so I felt that was a good deal. They are made by PBR (says on edge code of pad). The rotors I got off of Anything Auto, I found a 15% discount searching online, right after I ordered my Dad got a 20% off coupon from them but again I paid a little over $309 which was a good deal, most places I found sell for list which is like $364 range. PN for a 2006 SS is Baer# 55097-020.


So far love them!

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