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MAF check engine light

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About 6 months ago, while putting my foot into the gas pedal, as I merged onto the highway, my CEL light came on and threw a MAF code. I toof the MAF out, sprayed it with the cleaner, checked the connection and cleaned/greased my K&N filter. I then puled the negative battery cable for the night and the CEL went away. Well, today, same thing while getting on the highway and the same CEL code. I'll try cleaning it again but does this mean it's time of a new MAF or something else I can check?

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I had the same thing happen exactly. My truck seemed to run fine honestly, just an annoying check engine Light. I cleaned it Just like you did, it went away, but every 3-4 months it would come back. After about 2 years of the this back and forth, I replaced the MAF sensor and ive been check engine Light free for like 2 years now.


They aren't cheap, I think it was like 250.00 with my discount from GM, but hey, atleast the CEL went away for good.


It worked for me, Obviously its no garuntee it will fix yours, but it sure sounds like the fix.


Good luck

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I get one every once in a while from my Granatelli MAF. Seems like it's more apt to do it when it's cooler out. I've flirted with the idea of switching back out to a stock one and selling the Granatelli, but just never seem to get around to it.

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