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Dynomax Custom Catback Exhuast Exit Front of Pass Tire


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Greetings and salutations fellow SSS enthusiasts. I am attempting to sell my custom cat-back exhaust system featuring a Dynomax duel in duel out internal X pipe muffler and Vibrant resonators. This system was made by Performance Exhaust Maryland of mandrel bent stainless steel with polished slash cut tips. I had the system fabricated to attach to the mid-pipes approximately six inches forward of where the stock mid-pipe flange ended with duel lap joint band clamps, so some minor modification of the stock mid-pipes is required. I removed this system from my SSS because I had a second made with different mufflers and resonators. Total I have over $650 invested, I think that $500 shipped-to-you is a good deal considering the system has less than 200 miles. Send me a PM if you are interested and/or have any questions. I frequent this site with Taptalk so I will reply promptly.









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This exhaust is LOUD when the engine goes under load, and calms down quite a bit when cursing along, has a nice mean sounding idle with the stock cam. The exhaust that I had made in place of this is on the quieter side as my wife complained about too much noise in the cab when the engine was under load. Then again, I have Dynamaxx long tube headers and no cats. I didn't notice drone in the cab as is was more just the roar of a short open exhaust, which I should have expected.

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