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New Job: FL to OH


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Hey guys,


This florida boy accepted an engineering job working for Siemens Energy outside of Columbus, Ohio. I start the second week of December....fml. Seen snow a few times but never lived in it. I'm not able to afford to buy a winter beater yet so I will be daily driving the SS, I'll have a garage though. Any recommendations on winter prep? Fluids? Will the N420s grip on 2wd? Weigh down the rear?




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First off congratulations and welcome to Ohio, I work in the area. I'm not familiar with your tires but weight across the rear axle will help with traction in the snow. You will want to keep your fuel tank full for the bitter cold times as well as your washer fluid to keep your windshield free of :shudder: salt. Keep a close eye on tire pressures as they drop with the temperature but they don't come back.


Not to alarm you but to prepare, the roads around the Columbus area somewhat resemble a pool table when it gets icy. I would look for a front wheel drive daily driver as soon as financially feasible.

Also, I have never personally seen a silver birch SSS in this area.

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You're going to have more than $500 in suitable tires (Sorry, I know it's not what you want to hear, but those Nittos are going to be terrible...) and weighting the rear down enough to keep your truck on the road. I always used a couple bags of concrete in my 2wd S10. Another thing to consider, is the cost and pain in the butt of having to clean the salt from under it constantly to keep it from rusting. I usually spend about $30 a week cleaning mine during the winter.


I'd say when you get there, pick up a $500 turd to get you through the winter, and save yourself the headache. With winterizing and (hopefully not much) repairs, it is going to save a good bit in the long run. As stated before, it's definitely a good idea to keep the gas and washer fluid full and the tires aired up

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Also suggest new tires an all season tire would benefit and if your gonna get a winter set to swap out it would sweet for 2wd if you got some studded tired for the winter a friend use to run them on his 2wd Chevy van with great results and as others said oil change before it gets to cold and washer fluid made for cold weather and the reason we say fill your gas tank is cause in a snow storm gas stations are notorious for losing power and resulting in not being able to pump gas and as said lots of car washing find one that also has and under carriage wash that where the salt settles a good under carriage wash with clear that stuff out and help prevent rust build up.


Also don't use a scraper on your side mirrors especially the drivers side it can damage the auto dimming glass as it happened to me it's over $200 to replace the glass just hit the defrost button a couple times and it will wipe right off just plan ahead and give yourself a 1/2 hour extra cleanup time for when it snows instead of showing up to work late


Hope all works out with the new job

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Thanks for all the useful input guys, definitely have a lot to consider. I would like to purchase a cheap winter beater but don't want to run into problems/repairs with the car during my first winter. I am just going to drive the SS. Looking on craigslist now for a set of 17" rims I can wrap some winter rubber around and with some added weight over the rear axle I think it'll manage.


Good point on the fuel levels too, I'll keep her full.


Will I be okay with 5w-30 engine oil?



Hey Bobby, Congratulations on what sounds like a pretty good job.


When I left south Florida to come up to NC I did it in the spring and winter was still a shock. I wish you all the best.


The trick ski is probably gonna get kind of lonesome. I know my slalom did.

Yea John, I don't think I'll be on the wakeboard for awhile.....bummer


Welcome to Columbus. I just moved here from Cleveland/Akron area a few months ago. We should try to get everyone together sometime.

That would be cool, maybe spring time we all can meet up

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