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Power steering pump?


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There are a couple different steering boxes that were used as they said the top where your steering wheel shaft hooks up has a cover there's a 3 bolt and a 4 bolt cover mine had a 4 bolt cover so that's what they sent me I asked what pitman arm to order they said 4 spline I'm thinking mine must've come with a 4 spline but I won't know for sure till I pull it out I'll let you know I'm not 100% sure what's different between the 2 boxes but the Redhead boxes are suppose to be really nice replacements

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Yeah I know mine for sure Is 4 spline but other than that not sure. But yeah LMK how it goes. The more I look around I see more little issue I might as well take care of while it's pulled apart. Trans lines are leaking very little, PS is leaking very little, just gotta order everything up and make a weekend out of it


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I removed all my transmission lines and mounted a transmission cooler with a fan where my spare tire was runs a lot cooler I also replaced my engine oil cooler lines with some braided lines and an fittings haven't had a leak from those and after all the hydro boost swap that will be it

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8dae89dd4bc19eecade3fe22fb4b0add.jpghere are the part numbers figured you'd ask for them there is a little bit of cutting and bending to make the stock oil cooler lines work but taking your time it can be done they haven't leaked a drop of oil it was a great fix and I believe it's also cheaper then buying a new oil cooler line setup but I can't confirm I never checked what they sold for but it doesn't look cheap if I had to guess


1 hose & 4 of each fitting 8 total

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