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urgent!! need wheel fitment advice!!!


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were due to have 3-6" of snow on Saturday, and I currently have my 20" chrome ss wheels were re-chromed, so the inside of the wheel is bare aluminum, and im deathly scared the salt will destroy them.


I have a set of snow tires/wheels that ive used for many years, but the tires have had it, and I think i'd rather just buy a new set of wheels/tires (used) instead of new tires for those ugly wheels, and the price seems to be about the same. my questions are as follows:


I bought a set of these, powdercoated them, added tires, and went to install them, and they don't clear the rear brakes.




so, I bought a set like these (only they are older, black/machined, and not very good looking) instead (long story)


http://www.discounttire.com/dtcs/wheels/mb_wheels/vehicle/viewProductDetail.do?v=011672|2003&pc=47062 and they fit just fine, and that's what ive been using.


my question is this: can anyone tell me which OEM Chevrolet/gmc wheels, 16" or larger, will bolt right onto my truck? everything I see gives me diameter, width, and backspacing, but no internal clearance info. I am talking to several craigslist people, and want to make sure I don't have fitment issues.


also, why do 2011+ wheels not fit our trucks? everything I have read says that they should?



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GM bolt pattern hasn't changed it is just the offset that is different between years. GM due to being overly worried about liability says you can't use wheels with different offsets because it was not designed or validated. It basically changes the way the wheel bearing loads are and it will reduce wheel bearing life.... This is especially true with negative offset wheels. You just need to get at least a 17 inch rim to clear calipers otherwise any rim should work for a winter wheel. I'm curious why your so afraid of your chrome wheels? I have the factory chrome wheel and the backs are bare aluminum also. I would be more worried about chemicals such as calcium chloride and salt attacking the wheel though.

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Thats strange that they dont fit. I put a set of OEM 16' wheels on my SS and they fit just fine. The ones you posted were for an OBS Tahoe so maybe the offset is different? I would just try to find a set from a 99-06 Silverado/Tahoe/Suburban/Sierra/Yukon



16s will work on a 05 and earlier. 06 and later due to larger front brakes 16s won't work....

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