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Help on what size rubber wiill perform and look good.


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I have an 01 Silverado, 2wd with 2 inch level shackles to lower it in the rear, with the stock 16in... Ewww, I have a new set of GM Factory Silverado SS wheels that im using, but i dont know what size tire will look good with not to much rim, or too much rubber, and will ride nice and perform good. Somone told me to do a 285/50/20 which will be close to my tire now which is 255/75/16 and look good. But im not sure. Any advice on the type of tire and size to look good with? Pics are the actual truck




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What kind of tires are you guys running? I was thinking of doing a Toyo S/T1 can I have a source who's got like 12 of them left but I heard some people talking about them spinning to much...

The original Toyo Proxes S/T ? It's good for heavier vehicles as it's XL load rated, perfect for sport trucks, but it probably will be a traction issue on anything with significant power. They were fine on my old TBI-powered '94, ya know? Even gripped well when I hooked it into corners as if it was a sports car.


If you're going to buy those Proxes S/T's just be sure to check the date codes. That tire has been out of production for a while.


I've got Toyo Proxes S/T II's on my SS and they've been fine. It doesn't take a lot to light them up but I'm also not out street racing, so it's not that big of a concern to me.


You'll have to decide which way you want to go, raw flat-out sticky tire for maximum dry traction, something in between, all season, or what? I'm guessing in Arizona you don't get much wet weather? I've been pretty happy with BFG Sport Comp 2's on my 300C SRT8, though it can blow them right off the car if I want it to. I put the all season version of those same tires on the Magnum SRT8 for my girl, since that's her daily, and it rains here pretty often.



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