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3 stock SSS rims

Merc Dr.

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I just traded in my SS and have 3 decent stock rims for sale. One has scuff mark from swiping a curb. I'm missing the 4th rim cuz I popped a curb in an ice storm last year. It's raining today so I can't get any pix til later. I'm in northern IL. Let me know if anyone's interested.

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I'm guessing that they are the silver rims? What kind of shape are your center caps In?


What did you trade the SS in on?

Center emblems have a "peeling/flaking" look to them. But other than that they're good.


I got a 2007 Tahoe for hauling the family and snowmobiles. The SS was starting to fall apart and I didnt want to invest any more $.


I'm interested on the 3 Ss rims, send me pictures when you can thanks.

I'll try to post later today.

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Yes they're dirty. They've been on the side of my house for a year. You should be able to clean up the scuff marks(curb rash) with a Roloc disc and some touch up paint.

I'll have the tires removed before shipping(they're worn out). I'm thinking $200 each plus shipping or all three for $500 plus shipping.

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That 3rd wheel might be a wash with the chunk that's missing the first and second one looks decent for the year of these trucks glws

No, that's the 4th wheel. I just posted it to show why I'm selling the other 3.

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