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battery went stone dead the other night, and had to jump it off(27*) so it was time anyway for a new one. ever since i jumped it off the passlock icon on the cluster has been on when i set the remote, and stays on about 10 sec. then goes off. the red lite is flashing normally. is there a fuse, or relay for this, and where is it. nothing in the owners manual lists one..dealer is about 100 miles round trip, and i can't see going there for a .15ct fuse. any help is appreciated.



edit..have no codes.

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Are you saying that when you lock the truck with the remote, the passlock icon turns on in the cluster for about 10 seconds? If so that is completely normal.

yes, if that's so, i just have never noticed it before, have had the truck new since in 03.. thanks...

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Lol same here. I was wondering WTF, but good news for you, all is well!

That is just a notification that passlock is enabled, and you should have a nice warm fuzzy feeling that your truck is safe (yeah right GM)

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