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WTF!!! where to get chrome SS center caps!?!?&#33


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They are expensive and still available PN is 15116616. SAE had them for a good price but I think they are all gone... figures I need a few myself and didn't pull the trigger. I think some that are listed are either used or dealer overstock / scrap. GM sometimes rather then return tells dealers to scrap the part. Some dealers do not then sell it and try and make a few bucks off of it... I have a feeling that is some of the ones you see unpackaged but new looking and I'm not talking the jippo repo ones.

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Alright ,they look good... I'm just real picky when it comes to my truck...I'm gonna get those off ebay right now! Thanks guys!

As am I. I need to order some and see. I have two on my truck doing a weird hazing on the center part. I figured they are cheap enough if they are real bad I can resell to someone on here. Lol

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