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Completed a 2/2 Mcgaughys drop. Pictures!


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I finally installed my 2/2 drop. I used Mcgaughys spindles up front and Ebay special shackles in the back. During the install I ended up doing the upper and lower ball joints while I already had everything apart. This job was a major PITA. I got a quote for $300 for the install and an alignment and like the cheap bastard I am I decided to try to do it myself. Needless to say, I got the rear shackles in and the drivers side spindle in then I had a shop finish the passenger side as I ran out of time, blood, sweat, tears and swears. Some takeaways from the job. The lower ball joints have 4 little lips on them that need to be punched or chiseled in, in order to get them off. Once I did that I just hit it with a sledge hammer and it came out. I didn't end up removing the front axle as some members suggested and it was fine. I also didnt drill out the damper/bumpstop as some other members had, so far the ride quality is very similar to stock. As for the Mcgaughys spindle I thought it was good. My only complaint is that on the top of the spindle you have to mount a bracket that holds the brake line, the holes that were on the spindle that were designed to hold that bracket were too close to the upper ball joint. And by too close I mean that it was contacting the the upper ball joint boot, its not that big of deal but I just worry about it messing up the boot and the grease will come out. Also, I had to buy the "hardware" for the spindle from Mcgaughys which was bullshit. They insisted that you had to use their shitty bolts or else the spindle wouldnt work.. Well the 6 bolts cost $25 dollars and then they charged me $17 for 5+ days of shipping, then I didnt even end up using them because the Moog bolts that came with the ball joints were way better. Now, Im trying to decide if I should go with 22'' chome reps or 22'' silver reps, let me know what you guys think!











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Wow that looks sharp. Wish i lowered mine when I had it.

For rims what about cyber grey 22 reps?

Thanks! You mean like the same wheel I have now just 22''?

Thanks! You mean like the same wheel I have now just 22''?

Nvm, I see what you are talking about now.

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Your truck is looking good Mac. :thumbsup:


Thanks for your insight and special tips about the install. I've got this job to do, too and your post will make it easier. :cheers:


When you do decide to do it feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Looks good man.

Thanks man. I like your "murdered out" look :thumbsup:

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Chevyss05tx, thanks!


Kaze_V8, I think the grills painted like that really changes the whole dynamic of the truck, since the silver grills bring out the silver wheels and contrast the black. Post up some pictures when you get it done!



Question, when I cut the upper ball joint I cut it about 2 threads too short, so the nut is only 3/4 of the way on. It torqued it down to spec and I used loctite. Do you guys think it will be fine?

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