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crash boxes are on our trucks ????


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i just found out by reading this weeks autoweek, that our trucks have crash boxes which record alot of info about our driving habits and can be used against us in warranty claims and insurance claims possibly. EVERYONE should read this article, try looking online at autoweek.com :devil::driving:

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Does anyone know where it is or hoe to disable it. this is not good for me. :eek:


I don't know 'hoe' ( :crackup: JK Eric :jester: ) you would eliminate or disable it without them knowing. These systems supposedly register when they're disconnected and will indicate they've been tampered with or disconnected... kinda like a digital CCTV system... it'll time stamp when it was cut off and display that when the system regains power.


someone needs to come up with a pass thru module for the wiring harness connected to this box to trick it into thinking the truck has never gone over 55 mph, never pulled high G's in a turn, never been to WOT, or never braked hard. :jester:

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I say tell me where it is located on the truck and in about 3500 miles when the warrenty runs out it gets removed. The question that I have is will it shut down other systems on the truck once removed (ignition, lights, fuel....)? Maybe Zippy can give us a heads up.

Times like these is when you need the maintenance CD's. I think it's time to fork out the $300 for the CD's.

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I thought blackboxes only recorded the stuff 7 seconds before a crash, which is plenty of data to collect, there is no way they would ut a bigass hard drive in there to record every single statistic, they only care what you were doing to be involved in the accident(ie. speeding, hard braking before contact, no sign of any prevention like falling asleep at the wheel)

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i belive thay used this system about a year or so ago to convict a senator from i belive

from montana for vehicler manslauter after he ran a stop sign and killed a biker.he said

that he stoped for the sign and was not speeding, but the data showed that he was speeding(60+) and he didnt stop until after the impact. becouse of who he was thay would of beleaved him and would of gotten away with it. so maybe there is some good to

this kind of system being installed. i hate big brother watching over me but there are times when it is needed to keep us all honest for the good and the bad...



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