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Quick Start HIDs


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I have been buying HIDs off of Ebay and I ran across this new HID called FAST BRIGHT. The ballast are very small and at first I installed them without reading the instructions as I have installed many hids. Guess what ? The metal side is the heat sync and it get very hot. Do not mount these near any plastic . As far as longevity ,the jury is still out on that one.


I forgot to mention on the instructions it said 'Test the lights for 10 minute to make sure they are operating correctly' I took this as to mean 'If it doesn't catch fire it could be ok'. Another point and I do not ship anything but I buy items off of Ebay and have had good luck with the hids I have bought. In 3 yrs I have had only 1 ballast , a 1 bulb come back .

I buy the lower price hids and they are not AC type and I have sold many on Craigs List. I think they have improved a lot.


Just remember the LED headlights will not fit into our headlight brackets on most of our trucks, maybe on the newer trucks with the H11 setup may have more room as the LED protrude too far back in the housing to fit. I installed them on my 05 Malibu and they work ok. Instant on but not as bright as 35w hids. Longeviy, I don't know.

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I don't remember the brand that WICKEDOWESIX use to sell (maybe someone will?) here back in the day but I bought both Low and High beams from him and never had a problem with them.

Ditto ... Rikensports ... German made HID's ... had them for 6-7 years in the truck with no issues what so ever ...

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Nice. I did the retrofit to mine with switchback LED rings. Love how much light I get!


I'm all so running a set of hids for my reverse lights. The light out put is unreal.

Had them in my Ss also. Not sure of the brand. The take a few seconds to warm up

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Oh yea very bright. Night and day compared to stock halogen's

Yeah for some reason, even with my fogs lights on and head lights, still kinda seems a little dull. Like it lights up my truck great for about couple feet ahead, and them it kinda drops off. But then i see everyone else blinding me from hundreds of feet.... Maybe i should look into getting couple of kits.... Mines only 35w, so im going to get the 55w now! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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