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Rare Parts Tie Rods


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Hello All,


Merry Christmas/Happy holidays!

I'm looking to put Rare Parts Everything on the front end of my truck.


What I'm curious about is the fact that I don't see a "Silverado SS" section.


My Truck:


2006 Silverado SS Intimidator (RWD)


Does the RWD SSS's use the same suspension components as the AWD? Does anyone have the correct part numbers for this application?


Thanks Guys!

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I would just call the company and ask them! But I see no reason why you would want to put those on a 2wd truck? To me they look like they are more for lifted trucks where your stressing the front end with oversized tires etc. I think you would be wasting your money because looking at them I bet they cost twice what oem is so why not just go with the GM stuff? The only time I take my 2wd off road is when I back onto my lawn accidentally..... Lol.

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Well the reason I want to put them on my truck is remarkably simple.


I want the most robust overbuilt suspension so my truck will last. I hate doing things twice and if I can get an extended service life on these versus an OE or an OE equivalent will do so. Also, I love American made parts, especially from a reputable small business. Are they more expensive? Absolutely, but I do believe with our trucks, at least my Intimidator deserves nothing short of the best.

Any AWD guys know if the suspension is the same? There's another thread talking about how the high HP AWD guys would bend theirs.

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I figured as much. Mine has torsion bars and it does look like there is plenty of room for an axle/hub.


What I'm wondering is about the steering. Specifically tie rods and such

But i suppose if the knuckles are the same then the steering would be too.

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