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Another Ss turbo build.. Need advice


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Hello everybody, just trying to see what everybody's getting into on the topic of forced induction. I'm new too the Ss word but not to building motors( am New to the turbo end of things though!) what my plans are is to start with a on 3 performance turbo kit, heard a lot of good and bad but you really can't complain at a price like that. I'm going to run top 10# of boost for now. For the motor I was going to throw on some ls9 gaskets, Arp rod and head bolts, some good valve springs, maybe some new lifters and pushrods. The cam im not sure yet. I know a couple of you have similar builds ( I seem thickcajun's and I think he almost has a identical set up) but if any of you have good advice I'm up for any tips! Injectors and fuel pump is what I'm needing to figure out! On three has some for a extra charge but I'm still undecided.

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Thanks man. I'm going to start gathering up parts I've also looked at the procharger kits. Turbo kits are cheap to start out with but the little stuff that goes with if adds up quick. Supercharging looks easier but I don't think they have as much room for expansion as a turbo

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Yes they do...band trust me that 4K kit with on3 and all the upgrades you need to do will run you in the 6k region to do it right... But I did a different intake and a few other things that added up... Both done right in the end will cost close to 5-7k... Good luck and if you have any questions let me know... I'll help as much as I can



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