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You should see some of the junk for sale out there in that price range.





This one takes the cake... It was a theft recovery and I saw it go through the Auction. They Paid $13k for it at auction plus fee's and transport.


It's listed as an 07 even though it's clearly an 03-05 body, Supposedly has a clean title even though it has a CA blue tag replacement vin and is missing alot of correct SS parts. He has already starting to drop the price.



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It simply amazes me how many people put the SS badges upside down.


You don't like the Chrome knock off 55 series???


I am not sure how it has a clean title, but that is clearly not an 07 body!!! Let's not forget the Regular 99-02 tailgate with no SS body mouldings, the missing SS center dash emblem, and the cheap chrome center cap knock off's either. They also put a cheap bed liner in it to boot...


You can't tell from the pictures and I am not sure if they fixed it but it also had standard textured plastic replacement door handles instead of the factory painted ones. I can't remember if the head rest are just standard or if they were correct. They have changed the pictures so you can't tell.

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