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WTB Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover

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I've been missing my radiator cover for awhile and since my truck is now basically just a show truck I'd like to buy one of the carbon fiber radiator covers that get made on here from time to time. Please let me know if you have one that your interested in selling.

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art stopped making them. always could get a stock cover and hydro dip it.

As cool? No. Same wow factor? More than likely. While the cover would look awesome, that is a lot of money that could be invested somewhere more noticeable. Just my .02 cents.


Props for going the extra mile though, they look sick.

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Thanks for the info thick cajun, is art a member on here?



Yes sir... I can't think of his handle right off the top off my head... Someone will chime in



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WICKEDOWESIX Is Art's user name.


I reached out to a friend about this and ART will make them for us but He says we need 5 Pre Paid orders. None less than 5 to produce these.


I will Take 2 just need to come up with 3 other guys. I don't officially have exact pricing but I do Recall it being around the $500 range.


Material cost is not cheap and that's what a bulk of the money is going towards.


These are way better looking than a Hydro dipped equivalent.



If anyone else is ready and willing to Purchase one of these post up.


I will Commit to the first 2 of them. We need a minimum of 3 more guys to make this happen.

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