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SS abs unit interchange


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Having some trouble on my truck. According to my interchange, 03-06 SS uses the same abs pump/module. My truck is an 05, and I ordered a unit that came off an 03 ss. The main plug is different between the two. Anyone know if the 05 module is different or have a pic? All the pics online looks like 03/04 are the same, and 05/06 are the same. Just trying to figure out what I actually need.

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Is yours AWD or 2wd? That maybe the difference.


I will have to dig up some pictures but I have an 05 and an 06 module 2wd modules.


Can you clean the top of your unit and see who the manufacture was? I know one was Kelsy Hayes but I forgot how else did the modules.

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Mine is AWD, The unit I have is a Kelsey. I think the problem is my chassis harness. The one I have is supposed to be correct for most any 05/06 ext cab/short box, but the more i research, it looks like SS(and maybe denali p/u) are by themselves. I think TRW is the other supplier.

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