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Fuel pump questions

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Just picked up an AEM 320LPH e85 pump. I've never installed a fuel pump before. And curious. If this is a direct replacement. As in no cutting to the box it sits in inside the tank?


Also curious if our stock fuel lines will support 600whp on e? Looking to run 400whp on the motor. With a 150-200 shot of nitrous. Running E because the motor will be a 11.7:1 compression thanks in advance for any help. Fueling is my biggest issue right now a I have no idea how it really works. Thanks.


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I have only a supercharger on a stock engine and I run as walbro gss340. No mods for install . Be careful as China is making knockoffs on this pump. I bought mine off of ebay for around $70. You can look up the specs on this pump. Hope this helps.

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Im not sure how fitment goes because ive never done it on these trucks, but im sure it should be small enough to fit.

It should be pretty straight forward as far as splicing goes for the fuel pump.


As far as the stock fuel lines, you should be good, ive seen people run up to 700whp on stock lines, im going the same route as you, and all im replacing are fuel pump and injectors.

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