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How do you guys get the freaking boot off that connects the driveshaft to the transfer case?  I was at a rwd dyno and couldn't find a way to get it off where I wouldn't tear it up. 





Aaron, when I had the front shaft off mine, it just unbolted and slipped right off, just like the rear shaft, didn't have to mess with the boot at all. I think your shaft is the same as mine, the SS and the SD all use the same 4L65E tranny, NVG149 case and the same front diff.


Thanks for the throttle body core by the way!


Butch 02 Sierra Denali

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OK, I didn't see a way to get it off without screwing it up. I guess that I will just try to find an awd dyno, because I think that having a ziptie there instead of a metal strap might be something that a dealer would try to screw you for on warranty.


"Now please explain to me why you had to take the front driveshaft off again?"


Also, No problem Butch :)

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