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Mp112 fueling on a 04 sss


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Hey everybody. Finally come around and bought a Maggie for the Ss, sure wish I coulda come across a tvs unit but the mp112 will do for a good daily driver. The kits pretty complete minus the fuel upgrade. The injectors are stock and I'm putting the 3.4 pulley on Untill I can build the tranny. I doubt the stock fuel pump handle the 42 lb injectors? I've been looking at Kenne belle boost a pumps or upgrading to a walbro 255 but the return-less fuel system information is kinda vague when you get to upgrading information. What do you guys think would be the best bet? Any input will be greatly appreciated fellas.

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Yeah I seen that. I've heard of people using the 255's but i didn't know if they would fit it the stock bucket. I knew that magnacharger sold these as a kit but I didn't know if they was just a plain walbro 255. I don't believe they offer them anymore

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The Walbro 255 is the one to go with,

contact Brian at Super Chargers On-Line http://superchargersonline.com/


He should be able to sell you one and if he doesn't have should be able to get one for you.

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