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Vacuum line?

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If it wouldn't be very hard to run a longer hose/line, there's a nice port on the passenger side intake. Find those funny poky things on the upper/side area of the intake and you'll find that you can break off the head on one of them, it's very easy to break off and it was meant to be broken off for a vaccum line. Makes an excellent port for a boost gauge.

I think you'll have to use 1/4 inch or so.


good luck,



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Hey, clean your engine!  :D



Clean it for what? This ain't no show truck!


Late- Alex

Shameful :nono:



I guess those are beater rims too! :thumbs:


Exactly!!!!!!! :thumbs:


Only difference is you can see the rims and not the engine. :crackup:


Late- Alex

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