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LS6 intake


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i took off the air dam where my fog lights are and got some color matched spray paint from the local paint shop. and i painted my bumper. the bottom was greay and the rest of the truck is black so it needed to go. by the way, i didn't put any clear on.

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you can just cut down on the neck of the wp coming up also so it isn't necessary but... Also you have to get a idler pulley adapter from speartech. Other than that it is pretty much just getting the fuel injectors to fit right. Or getting LS1 style with new injector plugs. that would probably be the easiest way unless you can find a return style fuel rail.

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i looked on ebay and would an ls1 intake flow any better than my stocker? even if its only a few h.p. more, for 130 bucks shipped i dont mind.



No, dont swap intakes, it is not worth it, the truck/6.0 intake flows just as good as the LS-6 for stock heads and cam... If u want to upgrade, get the FAST intake... :seeya:

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