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What did you pay for your SS?


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First off, I am a newby to this site. Found it last night and I have gotten a lot of information in which I have been looking for.


I was under the SS forsale forum and people were going back and fourth about paying too much. I remember reading a few threads where people we claiming they got their 2004 SS (none close out, none special event) for less then $32,000.


The MSRP for a fully loaded 2004 SS is around $43,000 plus, how are people getting them for $32,000?


I got my 2004 SS for $33,000 out the door and I thought that was a badass deal.....The reason it was so cheap (at least I thought) was because it was a dealer demo (the owner drove it for a while), I got it with 4300 miles on the clock.



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I got my 2004 for $33,345.00 with the chrome wheels, CD changer, towing package, and auto climate control. Mine was not on the lot at all - I special ordered it in April 2004, received it in June. I did not need to negotiate much, they came down to me rather quickly. :chevy:

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