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Gibson Dual Sport Side Exhaust

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Been looking into get the Stainless Gibson Dual Sport Side Exhaust. Anyone with experience with it?


What I am looking to achieve is better gas mileage (when I am concious of it), better performance, and the most important, deep exhaust tone. Gibson also makes a Super Truck version, which is mainly focused on the performance factor, which, from what I've heard, is real loud. I want to avoid loud exhaust, I want it to be deeper sounding then stock and maybe a little louder, but not affect my in cabin ride.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I am NOT looking for a $200 muffler shop weld on POS...

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ive got the gibson extrem duels on mine and it sounds good to me. deep at idle and will get loud at wot, noticed a increase in sotp in the 2500-4000 rpm over stock. in cab is something you have to get used to when thay state db. increase in cab BELEAVE IT...

and if your towing any thing it can get even louder, but im deaf as a post :D so like i said it sounds good to me.

as for fit and finish it is a good system you have the option of running the tips straight out the back or behind bouth rear wheels with the same kit, just take the the tail pipes and rotate it 180*to the side and add your tips that come with it looks real good




good luck



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I also run the dual extreme. I got the aluminized though since i only paid 250 for it. as for the nosie in the cab it is louder than stock but my 7 1/2 month still falls asleep and if i get on it she doesn't wake up. Over all I am happy with the sound inside and out.

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Thanks guys for the reply.


Until I started visiting this board, I had my eyes set on the Gibson. I've been reading quite a bit on here and YES, I may have changed my selection to the Corsa. I don't know what it sounds like, but I have seen pictures of the exhaust installed, looks totally kick ass.


Anyone have a picture of their SS with the Gibson?

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i literally have the muffler shop "weld on pos"


it is INSANELY LOUD! i make car alarms go off at idle. loooove it! ill tyr to host a video of it. but the sound is so loud and deep the mic on my camera cant support the tones. but its still way badassed

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