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Question for radix guys

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I got the radix all installed and love it.


I have the normal rpm increase at start-up that I have read about on here and know that it will go away. What I am also experiencing is a fluxiation in rpm when it is in park and idling. It goes from normal idle to @ 1,000 rpm up & down. It's a up and down thing.


Anyone else see or notice this? If not, anyone got an idea why it's doing it?

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its a rough idle?  i had that on my monte carlo, i descreened the maf sensor and it was roooough. i dunno,  in my experience id say it was a problem with incomming air.





It's a smooth idle, just up & down.. Does't do it when I'm in drive.

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Did you apply the tune that MagnaCharger gives you? Running the stock tune might give weird results, even if it works ok for gentle use.



<edit> Never mind, let this window sit open too long and missed the other comments and solution :banghead:

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