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Just my .02 centssss


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I've been looking into the SS for a little while. I have been mainly looking on EBay for a used one that people are selling. What kept me from purchasing a SS at first was the fact that these trucks lost its value as soon as it hit the road out of the showroom floor.


I knew these trucks were high 30 to low 40 range and when I researched on EBay, I was seeing at max around $29,000 for a 04 with low mileage (29 is still pushing it).


I didn't think it was a good idea to purchase a truck that would lose 1/2 of it's MSRP value the moment it left the dealership.


Well, after looking at them for month on the net, my girl, brother, and I stopped into Chevy one night just to see what they had in the lot. I did not expect them to have a SS there and then and I had NO intention to even look at one.


We pull in and there it was..........a Victory Red SS. We took a test drive and I fell in love! I looked at the odometer, there was 4000+ miles, I kinda grind, knowing I was able to get a better price if I was to purchase it.


Well, to make a long story short, as some of you might have read in my other post, I purchased the truck for $33,000 out the door with road side assistance and also 72k and 72 month extended warrenty. I've been told that I paid too much, and others the opposite. The bottom line is that I am HAPPY with my purchase. The only thing that I have to bitch about is the gas mileage, I guess I will just pull out 4 of the spark plugs, and drive it around like a rice beater.


Well, what I am trying to get at is that American cars really need to do something about the resale value!

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