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fan "THUNK"


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I am wondering what the loud thud is as I sit

idle in my driveway? does anyone know? I am thinking

it is the fan clutch or something of that nature?

It almost sounds like someone around me is slamming

a car door. am I the only one that hears this or are there

others out there that hear the same things? thanks for the help


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I have the same thing. It is like the ac compressor clutch is engaging. However, it still happens even when the AC is off. When I take my truck in, that will be on the list. Speaking of which does anybody ever get a loud metal clank while they are driving at lower speeds. It is high pitched and sounds like to pieces of metal hitting. The dealer has looked at it, and can't find where it is. :dunno:

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Man there is so many things that a loud car door closing thud could be. If you are near a wall or even in the garage the noise more that likely be amplified louder. this could be anything from your A/C compressor engauging, or posibly it could be a mode door sticking a little in the dash and when it closes making the noise... Give us some more info on your noise... :dunno::dunno::dunno:



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