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What cam for me?

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I have almost all bolt on mods now for my truck and i am looking into a cam now! But i have no idea what to get or look at! I am completely illiterate to cams!!! im not a big time dragger, i just want some performance without trouble and engine building!! i mainly just cruise around but i do drag friends and other folks around town quite often when challenged!! yet to lose yet in the 1/4!! but there are folks moddin there mustangs around here just to beat me and i would like to prolong that as much as possible!!

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I have the comp XR265HR grind, 212/218, .522/.529, 114*LSA.


It's a really nice smooth cam and seems to make nice power. I don't have my computer tuned yet (saving my pennies for HPT), I only get a random misfire code every once and a while.


My suggestion would be a similar grind.... only bigger.


I wish I had gone bigger. :banghead:


Good luck on your choice. :thumbs:

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Basically anything in the 206 to 220 range on the intake, and 212 to 220 on the exhaust, as a real general recommendation. There are probably 20 cams that fall into that area.


Lower durations are great for torque and strong stock-like powerbands. There isn't much need to rev mine much over 6,000rpm.


Larger cams like 220/220 generally like to be revved, and provide a lot of power up top with the expense of power way down low.


Lift - the more you can get, generally the better. I don't think you don't really need lift much over .6". Lower lifts in the low .500 range will let your valvesprings last a long long time. Higher lifts will require swaps.


LSA - The tigher (110, more common 112) will provide the lobes with more overlap, which should give more peak power, with the expense of a slightly less-broad powerband. Idle is usually a bit rougher.


Wider LSA's (114 and up) generally cut down the peak power a bit, provide a cleaner idle and wider powerband.


Most smaller cams in these ranges are ground with 4* advance. I think mine has 5*. Advance shifts the entire powerband 'downwards' in RPM's.

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What Marc said.


I'd match the lift to the maximum flow lift of your head.


E.g. my new heads flow the most at .600 so my cam is a .600/.600. If you cam lifts more that your heads can handle, you could kill your performance.


Oh - and try to match the cam to your plans. For instance if you plan on going forced induction down the road, don't get a cam with less LSA than 114 (unless you can figure out overlap and trade duration for lsa)

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