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how much work to trans

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if i got a radix for my truck how much work and what all would i have to do to the trans to handle the extra power also what other mods would i have to do if any to work well with the new s/c also how much money for trans and other mods???

It all depends how u drive it and to what extreme you want to go, and how long you will own the truck... The trans should hold up to just a radix, although a shift kit would be nice. but once u start fidling with exhaust, puley's, and nitrous :ughdance: .... The trans is gona break...

Mods to go with the blower :

Exhaust ie. Muffler(Something that has a straight thru design) & headers(preferebly a long tube)



Custom Tune



P&P Throttleboddy

Descreen MAF

Trans: Shift kit, Converter, There are also a number of posts in the transmission section of the site explaingn built tranmissions and just what components are needed. Ben key has an exelent post on this detailing what went into his build

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