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for all of you with i-pods


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Being an Apple fanatic I had to out my two cents in. I liked the movie, they had a good

point. still, it wont deter me from buying Apple products. At least i dont have to talk to somebody in India when i have a tech problem(my mom has a DELL)

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I've had my iPod going on 24 months... I use it like crazy and I'm still on my original battery. People that have experienced problems w/ thier batteries are most likely not following the proper charging/usage guidlines:


~ New iPods should be charged a minimum of 12 hours prior to first use

~ Whenever possible use the iPod untill it is nearly dead before charging again

~ Never leave an iPod plugged in for extended periods of time w/o use

~ Never use an iPod while its being charged


These are fairly standard for any rechargable battery. These items can all be found on apples site or in the iPod manual... just like cell phone batteries, these have a limited life... but you can extend it far beyond "18 months" if you just FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! :banghead:


I can respect what the guys in the video did, especially if Apple was going to charge $225 for a repair... but it wouldn't have been a problem if they'd gone by the manufactures recommendations on how and when to charge it.

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From the website of that video:

In September of 2003 the battery in my first generation ipod would hold a charge for no longer than one hour. I brought the iPod into the Apple store in Manhattan for repair and was told they did not currently offer a battery replacement program and my best option was to buy a new ipod. I then called the Apple Care 800 number regarding this issue and was told the same. I then sent my ipod to the Apple Executive office addressed to Steve Jobs with a note explaining my situation and requesting a replacement battery. The Apple Executive office contacted me via telephone to explain that Apple does not repair or replace dead ipod batteries and that it was policy of the company to recommend to the customer to purchase a new ipod when the battery fails. I then looked into and purchased a third party replacement battery, which was not endorsed by Apple. After the complicated installation, my ipod did not work at all, even when plugged in.


In response to this experience my brother Van and I made the short film "iPod's Dirty Secret." After we finished production of the film, Apple began offerring a battery replacement program for the ipod for a fee of $99 and an extended warranty for the ipod for $59.


We acknowledge Apple's new battery replacement policy. Our movie is a documentation of our experience.


-Casey Neistat


The battery problem may be a first gen iPod issue, but I dunno.

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