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BSER roll pan license plate light.

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Exact same size as what i have but LED. Min had a normal bulb and it couldnt be removed since it was one piece and it started to melt the housing. I wanted LED, and was going to go with a small LED strip, until my wife found this last night.

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Good catch. I swear that looks like exactly the same shape light that came with my GMT400 roll pan from Sir Michaels years ago when they were still in business and the best damn roll pans around. Theirs was also incandescent and when it went bad I was talking with them about producing an LED replacement but I think he was already looking towards winding down the company because of too much competition from Chinese crap steel. :(


I ended up drilling holes in the top of it and using Devon Plastic Welder glue to install a couple LED's and soldered their leads together and seal it all up.



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