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Installing Dynatech catted mid pipes, can't get clamps to seal&#33

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I have the catless Dynatech pipes. The band clamps that come with the kit are garbage. Buy stainless band clamps from Summit and use a small amount of RVT high temp silicone at the gap where the band comes together. This setup will seal perfect and you will have no leaks. If you need to open the exhaust for modification or repair, repalce the clamps and clean the pipes before you install new ones with new silicone. Exhaust clamps and bolts stretch with installation and fatigue over time as they go through heating and cooling cycling so they are not reusable in my opinion.


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Thanks for the reply, I actually ended up grabbing some of the exhaust repair tape and wrapped the connection in that first and then installed the clamp. It sealed up the connection under the transmission pan. I'm going to try it on the one behind the Passenger side cat today. If it doesn't work I'm going to try the RTV with a better clamp.

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