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Dealer scratched my wheels


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I went in to have my stock wheels put back on for winter I looked at my stock wheels in the boxes that I stored them in and found the wheels edges where gouged into the aluminum no paint was left for about six inches on one wheel and the others had scratches also. On has a long scratch on the face just below the the mounting lip that goes half way around the wheel. That really made me :banghead: . I called the dealer and they said bring them in and we will look at them. They probably say we didnt do that. I will have to put the :smash: on them and say I want new ones. Anyone else have any problems like this?

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I'm sure they'll make good on it...

Anytime I have work done involving wheels, the manager and I inspect all wheels before and after work is done.

Better safe then sorry...

I doubt you'll have a problem, a reputal dealer will take care of their customers.


WW :cool:

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Man that really sucks. I know how you feel. Like said above any reputal dealer will take good care of you. taking care of things like that are what Service Managers do, I know I am one.


This is not the kind of thing that happens a lot and Im sorry it happened to you bud..



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Well they are going to pay to have them machined and repainted at a wheel repair shop. It should take about 2 weeks. Hope I dont get to much SALT on my chrome wheels have to keep washing them cause it keeps snow alittle and the county goes out and salts right away.

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