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New Alternator!!


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OK guys.. Got the new alternator from my supplyer.. Built by a local guy here in Chicago area. Was an exact drop in, had the same wires in the harness but different connector, spliced in 3 wires and I was done, 30 min job,


The numbers on this alt are awesome.


It has max power at 6000 rpm, 268 amps!!!!!!! :crazy:


Remember that engine RPM is not Alt RPM, the Alt spins at about 1600 RPM at Idle and generates 90 amps!! :crazy:


THe stock SS alternator peakes at 110 amps at 8000 rpm. which sucks!!


I was crankin the stereo the whole way home and it sounded cleaner, louder and no dimming with the new alt.


Total cost was 425$ with a 5 year guarantee.



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Nice job on the system, I just looked at the sound domain site! I do have a question actually 2 of them, where are the subs? and also how hard was that rear seat to fab up? I am doing the same thing but I dont want to make the seat any thicker than stock. and I love the idea of the gas shocks, what are they out of?

Thanks and again. GREAT JOB!

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Ohio Generator is the best alternator modifiers. We ran 3, 300 amp units on our SPL car. Put out just under 850 amps at 2000 RPM's.


Really makes a difference when you upgrade an alt! Great post and good luck. :cheers:

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that will make a big drifference, i had a 225 amp on my tahoe .My battery always died until i got the new alt and another batery.You could run another battery if you havent already that alt could charge both of them with no sweat

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Umm there has been a couple of questions.


KRAMBO: Ohio generator makes an awesome alternator, they are hand made as well, I believe that if you have some one knows what the hell they are doing and they can do it well most hand built Alternators are going to be about the same. IF our trucks had a large case alternator, I could have had one built for 350 amps, but the small case alts he does not like building up to much above 250 amps of power because they will generate too much heat. I went with this guy because he is local and can replace it if something were to happen instead of shipping it out some where.


First by Fast4popper,

The alt will run between 395$ and 425$ to build this custom alternator, Same price for any one who wants one, Here in chicago, if some one had a custom alternator built, this guy at P+G Electric built it and he is good., This thing is built from scratch and hand wound up to his exact standards.


Second question, SUBS....Yea,, I have a Diamond TDX 10 inch sub that should be here Friday, I am using the Bose sub with 300 watts right now, not bad but I can't wait to get my TDX sub in there!! Before I could get my Sub I had to upgrade the alt because of the current I will be drawing, The alt is in, now the sub can go in!!


Last question: Rear seat took me 4 hours to complete and that included taking the seat out of the truck, The seat is 2 inches thicker than it was, but you can compensate by taking out foam or using smaller amplifiers. The gas strut is a 8 inch general use gas strut with 110 lbs of lifting force, I have a thread in the Picture post or in General SS with the details on it!

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I called the guy that made this alt to answer this question. He said that hot alts will make about 20-40 less amps if they get really hot. He gets around this by putting a huge fan on the belt pully to cool it off and his alts drop about 15-20 amps at full operating temp in the summer


The specs that he gave me were hot numbers, which was awesome to hear! :D , When he tests the output he runs them for 20 min with a good load to get them really hot!!! Then he pulls numbers!


Another cool thing is this guy can pre set voltage on the alt for you, so if you wanted to run at 16volt for your audiosystem that would be a possibility if the rest of the truck electronics can take it! I have mine set at 15 volts and have noticed the amps play louder and cleaner with this extra voltage. The stock alt only charged me at around 13.9-14 volts.

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