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Hey nippy... I used to own a high end mobil detailing business too. Where are you based? It was a fun thing to do... wish I could have kept it going. :tear:


**edit: just saw your profile says florida. bet business is good there... alot of cool cars and good weather :cool:

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I did not drive that car yet...he just got it.He had (2)Viper GTS cars...BMW M5...SL55 AMG...and way back he had the C43 AMG 4 door.I drove the Viper GTS....That was one of the fastest cars I ever drove.The next fastest was a 3.6 Porsche like the one in the first Bad Boys movie(couldnt keep the tires on the ground).I have a customer with a 348 Ferrari that gives it to me for the day...thats a fun car.Porsche turbos all day long.The SL55 is incredible...i have a customer w/ a black Sl55 on 20" Lorinser wheels(Sick).Testarossas are sweet .I have all the pics to prove it but im no good at posting.Boxster S and Corvettes...no biggie on them.I like 911 Porsches.There allot of fun and very nimble.I actually saw a Enzo ripping down the road the other day...would like to get my hands on that. :thumbs: I think my pecking order would be Ferrari,Porsche,Benz(AMG),BMW(M) and then Lambo but I havnt had expierience with the Lambo...yet :yellow_loser:

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:banghead: It's amazing how sweet the SS makes the Lambo Look. That car wouln'y be half as cool if it wasn't parked next to your SS.

One of my customers just got the new lambo. I have a detailing buisness that caters to high end cars.It made for a interesting photo op.Email me at [email protected] and I will send the pics so somebody can post.Thanks.

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