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early 90's impala ss


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I really love the 94-96 Impala SS. www.impalassforum.com was were I hung out before I bought my Silverado SS. I have a 94 9C1 with a LT1 which is a police car. Its a great car I just wanted something brand new. If they would still make a real impala I might not be here today. Oh well I love the all wheel drive.


When the Silverado ss first came out I remember reading that it was marketed for the same Impala SS crowd. I think there are a few guys that are on this website that have switched. I remember the PCM for Less owner at the Impala site alot. Brian I think his name was. Anyway those cars can scoot with the LT1 just my little tid bit.


Later all.

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a few of my friends have had impala ss's, 9c1's, and standard issue caprices with the LT1. they aren't bad, but with that much weight they needed well more than the 260hp they were given. with quarter mile times in the mid 15's and some of their other performance numbers, they just couldn't compete with cars in their class. for some reason the boys at gm think the 15 second mark is their performance goal. like:


sonoma gt



impala ss

cavalier z24

lumina z34

turbo grand prix

berretta z26, gtu, and gtz

etc, etc, etc.

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