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I have the Dynatechs they bolt rite up, not to bad to install. Pretty easy for a header installation IMO. Are you in jersey? I am in Long Branch.


Do you have the SuperMaxx longtube/cats?

I have JBA shorties now, thinking about changing them.


WW :cool:

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does that mean you wont pass inspection with them, i heard you dont. Im in ma, so same reg as california, anyone disagree,. im waiting for concrete results on the dyno headers, or asm, which ever one can pass me inspection I will go with let me know

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You are right SoCal, they are not 50 state legal, I think the free flowing cats are what makes the emissions problem, Mine doesn't have to go for another 3 years or more here in jersey, I have a friend with a shop that does emission testing so I won't have a problem. Or you can just Change the cats to the Magnaflow with the o2 sensor in them.

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