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I was a little busy this weekend

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Great idea! I just went from Flowmasters to Magnaflow and really like the Magnaflow a lot better (well I put headers on too). The Flowmasters are louder if you just want that loud ass rumble, but the Magnaflow system and ASM headers really helped with performance. :)

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Well, here it is Christmas eve and I find myself changing mufflers again. Ditched the dual muffler thing, went to a Magnaflow xl dual in and out, sound is once again sane, I don't have to wonder if the cop on the next county heard me get on it!!!! I also put the stock tailpipe back on, I Really liked the look without but the clearance with 3" tailpipes is a problem if I lower it. Merry Christmas everyone, and to all a quiet night!!!! :P




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