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Blacked Out My Grille

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This weekend I blacked out my front grille pieces. I have seen a few red SSs with this mod, but never a black one. I'm really happy with the look.


Thanks to Lee and Dylan for their tips. Here is how I went about it:


I used Rust-Oleum's Special Plastic Formula in regular Black (NOT Gloss Black). I compared this to Krylon's Fusion and this was the closest match to factory Onyx Black. These two paint brands are substantially the same formula.


The two mesh portions of the grille above and below the bowtie are fused to the front fascia. This comes off easily by first removing about 8 plastic pins from the plastic radiator cover and pulling the fascia off from four clips. The side brake vents were a real pain to get on and off. They are each bolted to the bumper cover with three hex-head screws. You will need a 9/32 socket on a nut driver for the two that are mounted on the inside of each vent. The one on the outside is positioned awkwardly, so that a low-profile socket wrench can only turn about 1/4.


No primer coat or sanding prep was needed. I just thoroughly wiped down all the pieces with mineral spirits and then took a soft cloth to get all the residue off. I masked off the front fascia using masking tape and newspaper. This was meticulous but only took about 30 minutes.


I applied a light-to-medium coat every 15-20 minutes. Two cans of paint yielded about 6 good coats. Let dry for 24 hours, and voila. No drips, runs, or orange peel. I highly recommend this paint.


This was also a great time to install my shopman1 bowtie :thumbs:


I'll post some better-quality pics shortly. Here are a couple of the final result:









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I kind of like they way the grey on the brake ducts offsets the all black front end. Your's really looks good though. Good job! :thumbs: I was thinking about doing the same thing to my grill, but now I figure I would hold out for an aftermarket grill. Now all I need is to find one I like! :banghead:


Late- Alex

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