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Aux Audio Input for your stock Radio


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I have a Pac Audio AAI-GM12 for sale. I bought it to put in my 2004 Silverado, but I don't need it because I just ordered one specifically for my iPod. This unit has never been installed. This is a great unit if you want to get audio in to your stock headunit without having to use a crappy tape adapter or fm modulator. You must have factory XM OR factory DVD unit installed to use this part. The description from pac-audio is below. It has two dual rca inputs and a toggle switch that lets you go from XM to aux input.


$40 shipped to anywhere in 48 US states. Paypal or check/money order.


email me at

cordc (at) ispwest (dot) com





The AAI-GM12 allows direct interface of any preamp level audio source to a 2003 GM Class II factory radio with a slave unit, eliminating the need for sound degrading solutions like an FM modulator. The AAI-GM12 interface inputs sources from units such as a DVD, VCP, MP3, Satellite Radio or Play Station.


• Lower cost and higher quality sound than a FM modulator.

• Comes with a three position switch which allows you to switch between two auxiliary inputs and the factory slave unit.

• High quality audio isolation IC eliminates engine noise.

• Internal CMOS electronic switching for long term reliability.



Requirements: 2003,2004,2005 SUV’s and trucks with RDS radios (Class II radios). The SUV or truck must have a factory external XM receiver or factory DVD Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) or factory/aftermarket CD changer (factory 6 disc changer built in the radio does not qualify). Currently only the Escalade, or Denali's have a separate 6 disc changers. Vehicles with optional Navigation radio with 6 disc changer in center console also qualify. Please note that the slave unit must continuously be playing or if XM or DVD, must be on and playing for the AAI-GM12 to work.

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