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My New Custom Exhaust

m396 #00-011

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Here are the pics from my Custom Exhaust install.


Stock exhaust removed upto the flange/slip fit.

Magnaflow dual 2.5" into single 3" Y-pipe

Single 3" pipe into muffler

Hooker Max-Flow single 3" in/out muffler

3" dump under the truck after muffler


After a few weeks, it's actually slightly louder than stock at idle. Much more deeper tone, like my car, gone is the raspy crappy "NASCAR" note.


Slight drone at highway speeds, but hardly more than stock.

WOT has a lovely deep growl that's not overpowering.


As for sound clips, don't ask yet, I'm working on it.


Overall, I'm very happy! :thumbs:


M396's SSS Custom Exhaust pics

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Looks great...


I'm considering an exhaust upgrade, and these pics really help me to plan it out (it is getting into the 30s tonight down here in FL, so no laying in the driveway looking at it!!!)


I'm thinking a single Magnaflow dual-2.5"-in, single-3"-out, with a dump.


Thanks for the pics.


- Brian

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Nice set up and pics!

I like pics. :D

About what did you spend on the setup?


WW :cool:



$250 total for parts and labor. That included paying someone to take off my old exhaust in one piece, re-welding the gutted cats, and remounting them back up, all on a lift.

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is it just me or does the pipe after the muffler look really......bad?

looks like someone was beating the chirst outa the pipe



It's not mandrel bent, that's usually reserved for expensive stainless piping and such. It's a single 3" pipe that's only been bent about 45* in the middle.

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