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Having Bad thoughts


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sup guys,

i dont know what has hit me but i saw a 1995 dodge viper for sale and looked at it and i am thinking that need one of these. :) . they are not that far off from the price of a SS. someone out there stop me because i really dont need to do this but most off the time i cant stop myself. you have to admit these cars are really awsome.


:dunno: wonder how a viper would pulling a ski boat this summer. :jester:

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I am new to the site and I am sure you have friends here who know you better.


I'll just observe that this seems to be a cry for help. You are asking for an intervention. Hang on, dammit. Help is on the way.


Someone remind this man how great an all-wheel-drive sleeper SS is!



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Cool car... but I hope you dont plan on it being a daily driver. I've ridden in one before for around 3 hours on a blast to Vegas. It was fun, but not something I would want to do very often. It truely is a race car built for the street... not a bit of thought was put into driver or passenger comfort when they designed it. :banghead: ... but, that probably wasn't the point anyways.

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After a few days of driving a Viper, when the new-ness wears off, and people stop asking you about it.....You wish you never bought it.


It is not, and was never intended to be a daily driver. Cramped, uncomfortable, awkward driving position and one terrible rough ride. Do I need to mention fuel milage, repair costs (that hood is stupid expensive), INSURANCE COSTS.


Well, don't let me talk you out of it, as it would be a great weekend worrior, but not a everyday driver.


At any rate, always factor in insurance costs, resale value, and repair costs into a purchase such as these. I've ssen way to many people afford a exotic, that can't pay to maintain it. :(

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My buddy owns a 2000 GTS ACR edition, he's owned 3. The ACR is supposed to be ROUGHER suspension, according to him, he's 6 foot 3 and he drives his all over, hours upon hours at a time, and he LOVES it. I know three people who own them who use them as daily drivers. One guy owns TWO! Not sure if these other posters have ever owned/driven them, but they are hard to GET OUT OF! At least in my opinion!


I guess if you post among SS guys they will try to keep you in one, but I hit the R/T board and they come and go to different brands all the time. Mustangs, Lightnings, even.... Vipers! Everybody's taste changes.


If you want it, get it, but if you don't, or aren't sure, then it should be easy to "talk you out of"...?


Awesome gorgeous cars, but you can't haul anything short of one passenger..


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I don't dispute that the Viper is a cool car MoPaRgUy... my point was that after only 3 hours in one I was ready for a visit to the chiropractor :banghead: Its a really cool, fast, sports car... but for the money I'd take a Vette anyday. WAY more comfortable/capable of being a daily driver and easily as fast as a Viper.


And YES I have had extensive time in the seats of both... my friend that took me to Vegas still has his and even he bitches about how "UNCIVILIZED" it is. Not knocking it... it was never meant to be comfortable, it was meant to be fast and fun... but if its going to be your ONLY mode of transportation I think there a MUCH better alternatives out there. :smash:

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Viper definately is a cool looking car with lots of performance to it, but if your making it your daily driver, i'd highly advise against it. Its good for show but it would become a pain to drive, and if where you live has winter, forget about it! The insurance and gas costs are substancially higher than the SS. It be a cool car to have on the side. Don't know too much about the reliabily of the older vipers either.

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You absolutely can't trust anyone with crazy or insane or berserk in their name. THose people are just nuts.


I'd drive a Viper everyday. I'd drive just about anything fast and fun. Comfort is for matresses. :devil:


I also know a guy who drives a viper everyday, but he's kind of an **** so I don't really talk to him much. Did that help?

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