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Gran Turismo 4


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The new game for playstation 2 Grand turismo 4 or GT4 is going to have around 700 cars and other vehicles. So far nothing about the Silverado SS, but the SSR and the lightning and Srt-10 ram are on there for sure. Is there any Way we can contact them and urge them to make the SS silverado on there. IT would be so sweet. :chevy::chevy::chevy:

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I am a Gran Turismo series fan. However, I can't believe that it is taking them from July 2001 to February 2005 to deliver the latest game. It is the best simulator out there, but definitely too long between games. I was not aware that it would have trucks, which must be considered a novelty-only thing in a road racing game.


I had hoped that this game would take a serious step towards reproducing more actual racetracks in the US. A big step is knowing the best line through a track. They are getting so accurate that some kid that has never driven on a particular track will show up on day 1 already knowing the best line and be familiar with every bump that could upset the car.


Rick R

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