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Shift Kit and servos

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I your opinions, what is a good shift kit with a good price and what are the best servos at the best price?  And, best of all, where can I buy all of this stuff??? :banghead:

Any help would be appreciated.  Sorry if this is a  :repost:






I have the superior shift kit and billet servos (from zippy) and love it... if you want to get an idea for what it'll do to your shifts you can come by and take my truck for a spin... just give me a call... you know where I live :thumbs:

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What do the servos do on top of the shift kit? I know some people have a shift kit and some also get servos too.




Oops, I guess it just makes the shifts extra hard? And this is where some people get divided because it could be a little too much for some people but others love it? Could the shifts be described as violent having both of them?

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